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Home Sweet is a compilation of two pieces made together with Nolan Cook. Both pieces come in 3 versions. The first one is always a rough piece, without Nolan’s guitars. The second one comes with Nolan’s guitar tracks, and the third one is a remix (a Karaoke version in the case of Can’t Dance).

Can’t Stop was originally recorded in June 2016 and was the first cooperation with Nolan. It is an urban tribal piece. Can’t Dance was recorded this year (2021). It is a romantic ballad. The version with Nolan’s tracks is a masterpiece of his guitar fantasy. At least for Bexa Lala.

There is a certain mystery behind those pieces that we never intend to disclose. Lucky them, who find it and enjoy it.

The first 50 copies of Home Sweet comes with a hand printed envelope with an artwork by Cezary Ostrowski. It comes with a perfume, to put behind ones ears, while listening.

  • Hand printed cover by Cezary Ostrowski
  • Psychofon Records stamped and numbered
  • Each with unique perfume

Please enjoy the video: